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Full charge in 30 seconds. Yes, you read that right!

We’re changing the way the world thinks about Electric Vehicles.

1st time in the world
Innovative cell swapping

Low operational cost
Cheaper than ICE vehicles

Patented technology
Our own IP created in-house

Why are Electric Vehicles not widely adopted in today's world?

Today’s EVs are not viable for commercial operators.

Here at InfinityX Innovations, we aim to make EVs more accessible.

High cost

The battery cost of EVs makes them 30% more expensive than Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, preventing adoption.

Long charging time

Long charging times lead to downtime and decrease the vehicle operation time and thus end up affecting the business adversely.

Unequal Infrastructure

ICE vehicles have a strong supportive refuelling infrastructure; a similar charging infrastructure for EVs is not widespread.

MAGIC station render

Presenting our revolutionary solution:

Our mission is to make EV charging faster and cheaper than petrol refuelling

Next-Generation proprietary battery swapping through cable technology.

2 KWh battery pack swapped in just 30s. Faster than refuelling vehicles.

Modular and flexible battery packs, adaptable to multiple kinds of vehicle platforms.

Innovation and design in every step.

Our in-house engineers and designers put their heart and soul into bringing forth the best innovations possible.

MAGIC station drawing

Lets explore infinite possibilities together.
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Join us in becoming the next big disruptor in the EV sector!

Our investors:

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