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Embedded Engineer - IOT

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Job Type



About the Company

InfinityX Innovations is a Bangalore-based startup, founded in Jan 2019 with the mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India. InfinityX Innovations is developing battery swapping stations that can fully charge an EV in under 15 seconds so commercial EV operators do not have to lose revenue every hour the vehicle is charging.

About the Role

1. Interfacing sensors with microcontrollers

2. Working on Raspberry PI and other single-board computers

3. Troubleshooting codes

4. Developing and deploying IoT technology solutions as requested by the business


1. Must have worked with Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, etc.

2. Must have a passion for problem-solving using code

3. Must be able to work independently with little supervision

4. Excited to learn new technologies and take on new challenges

Experience Level: 1-2 years

InfinityX Innovations Pvt Ltd is a pioneering company specializing in battery-swapping technology. We are committed to revolutionizing sustainable transportation by providing fast, efficient, and eco-friendly battery-swapping solutions. As we continue to expand and grow, we are seeking an experienced Embedded Engineer - IOT.

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